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I just received this from oDesk:

Hi Henry,

We’re happy to announce that based on your feedback scores and hours worked on oDesk last month, you were ranked on our Top 25 Providers list for March 2010!

Of the hundreds of thousands of Providers on oDesk, you are the cream of the crop and deserve a little recognition. [...]

You May Address Me as “Don” Henry Brennan

Since I’ve been ensconced in the Philippines, I’ve noted many different (and unusual) aspects of the culture that, ultimately, defy any explanations on my part. It’s only after an extended period of time that I began to understand the real reason behind this.

In my varied locations of residence, there has always been one consistent factor [...]


I won’t say how old she is (85) – I spoke to her today and she said that she had a nice birthday. Great!

An Old Memory

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Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

See: definition of title’s term by clicking here.

Things are moving right along, here, in Metro Manila. I’ve picked up a couple of new oDesk assignments to replace the dormant ones (which I am systematically closing). The pay rates seem to improving, as well. One new account is paying $10 an hour (450 pesos, approx.) which, [...]

Want to See Me on Video – That’ll be $5, Ma’am…

It’s been sort of a rollercoaster ride, here, lately. But such is always the case at the end of the month when old work assignments start petering out and new assignments are acquired, The new wrinkle is that more and more jobs are requiring that I be available through Skype which is free voice chat/camera [...]