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Four Years!

Well, after a number of months away from my blog, I finally decided to place a new post (!) Why? Well,  today (June 5th) happens to be my four-year anniversary in the Philippines. And what a “long strange trip” it’s been. I’ve finally gotten out of the mode that prompted me to habitually write about my experiences here. It’s, for the most part, “home” now. I feel comfortable out here in the provinces (Zambales) and, as we head into the rainy season, all is well. (now, after saying that, watch me get swept away in the next typhoon) Anyway, my writing assignments on oDesk are going well (Click here). However, I’m just not motivated to write anything extra after spending the whole day writing. Hence, my neglecting my blog. Oh well.

The longer that I live in this country, the less I have to write about. Everything seems so routine, now. I live on a large property with six dogs (Candy, Ondai and four young black dogs – one with a blue tongue), my wife and a maid/servant (the maid works here six days a week for $23.25 per week – I’m told that we’re overpaying). Beyond that, everything is routine. I had a great Christmas and New Years. There was a nice party at the town hall (Alma and I sat at the barangay captain’s/town major’s table). I got to see some local dances with music in a language that even Alma couldn’t translate (there are about 175 dialects in the Philippines). LOTS of insects flying around, however. Sheesh. I swear, there must have been some unidentifiable species that would make a Harvard-trained entomologist go “What the hell was THAT?” Anyway, some of the locals are REALLY poor. For example, they dumped a pile of used clothes on the ground and most of the locals ran to the pile to get what they wanted/needed. Alma and I sponsored a few of the holiday games that offered cash prizes, so that was nice.

So, I guess you can say that things are going well for me and Alma. Things say very consistent. Boring, actually. I couldn’t ask for better.

Woah!!! Guess what? WordPress RESTORED all of my original posts for this blog (!!!) Check THIS out : (click here)

If I sell this, I can buy those designer jeans

If I sell this, I can buy those designer jeans

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