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Movin’ On Up (Part 2)

After the wonderful trip to squatterville, the next stop was to another interesting location that the “agent” had in store for us. This one was kind of interesting since the place, itself, was pretty spacious. However, when I mean “spacious”, I mean it in a “former warehouse Manhattan loft apartment” kind of way. Which isn’t too bad – just a bit eerie. I wasn’t too happy with the neighborhood, though. It was kind of isolated and had a bunch of kids running around, either shoeless or like that one kid wearing a single shoe (!) I don’t have anything against poor folks (which is a good thing considering where I live) – but I learned a long time ago that you don’t want to be an American in a poor Filipino neighborhood – especially around Christmas time. Trust me.

hey joeHey Joe – Merry Christmas! (You’re handing out money – right?)

The way that this place was set up was kind of weird – with a small office on the bottom floor (our place would have been on the second floor with an outside fire escape that led to an attic storage area). The small office was currently occupied by a female call center agent, who I believe slept in there (!!). Anyway, we were told that she would be leaving soon. Whatever. This place was interesting in the fact that you could get the feeling that it was not originally intended to be a home – it was more like a school, actually. I got the impression that it had been converted into a home. Like I said, it was ok – just not for me. The next stop was a bungalow-style apartment in a “nice” section. Just down the street from my brother-in-law’s four-story house. He’s the one who owns the successful meat packing business and is the president of the Pasig City Market Association. He’s considered “well off” with four servants to look after his family. His granddaughter is also a popular child model/actress that we see on TV, all the time. So we knew the neighborhood (and its dwellings) would be more in keeping with what I was looking for. Next time, I’ll tell you what happened there (and the “interesting” thing that I discovered)…

2 comments to Movin’ On Up (Part 2)

  • Muy interesante. And that covers all I learned with five years of Spanish.

    On the slightly more serious side, I’ve been enjoying the slice of life stuff quite a bit. The odds of me leaving the US (much less the continent I was born on) seems slim to none, and it’s, as I said, very interesting hearing about other places.

  • Good. I’m glad that you like the saga of my “Livin’ La Vida Loca” existence, here, in the Philippines. I find that being here is the best thing EVER (especially with my great wife and amazingly supportive extended family). I’m currently trying to motivate myself to begin writing some detailed B-movie reviews ala, the Master – Ken Begg. We’ll see how that turns out. By the way, thanks for your continued patronage to my site. It’s nice to have a friend (and talented writer), such as yourself, commenting on my humble offerings…

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