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Settling In

So, it’s been quite a while since my last blog post. Not a very effective use of my monthly expenditure for web hosting – but, in this case, it really couldn’t be helped. As luck would have it, I ended up back in the hospital just before my scheduled move. This time, it was a long-existing pre-diabetic condition that managed to bloom into a wonderful diabetic episode, complete with enlarged pancreas. Though, not to worry. It’s been controlled via medication, diet, etc. In some ways, this turned out to be a fortunate event, since it has prompted me to look after such things as diet, exercise and blood sugar monitoring. Such is the silver lining behind every cloud.

Speaking of silver linings, Alma and I managed to complete the move a week later. We now live in a large, gorgeous house on a pretty big lot. Here, we’re just a stone’s throw from the beach and within walking distance from the same resort pool that we visited during the Zambales family reunion (!!) The next town over is the resort town of Subic. The property we’re on is complete with mango, avocado, papaya and various other fruit trees. The lot across the road (still a part of this property) contains an abundance of cashew trees.

I’ll go into more detail as time goes on. But still, the best part is the slower peaceful lifestyle that one would expect on a tropical island. For that, I’m really thankful…


The House

The View

The View

A Neigbor

A Neighbor

4 comments to Settling In

  • For some reason I can’t explain, these pictures remind me of my grandmother’s house in Yuma. Not that it looks like her place; it doesn’t. It just reminds me.

    Except for the neighbor. That doesn’t remind me of Yuma at all.

    Glad to hear the hospital stay turned out okay.

  • Thanks. It’s a bit of a change of pace, I must say. The rather large animal belongs to the guys next door, who farm the land in the rear of my residence for sweet potatoes. They gave us a whole bunch for free, the other day. That’s how folks are, out here. It’s quite a bit different from the city of Manila. Far more friendly…

  • Congrats and condolences, my friend. Luckily, more of the former than the latter. Take care of yourself, though.

  • Andrea Bellora

    Congratulations, appears things are going well for you and diet and exercise helps everyone.

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