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At Some Point, You Just Have to Take a Rest and Look Around

Trust me – it’s not all palm trees and coconuts in Pasig City. It’s more like 3rd world city and washing the naked kiddies out on the sidewalk, as I head out from my sub-division and into the main town. Seriously, all I need is a camera and I could work for National Geographic. Time to get to the place where I want to eventually retire…

Happy Halloween!!!

Folks at the reception were excited to hear about the official launch of my own oDesk company at the beginning of the year. That’s good.

Gearing Up

OK – I’ve been pretty busy, as of late. I just completed an assignment on my new outsourcing gig from oDesk. Now, I just have to wait about 3 more days to get paid and I’ll be off to a good start. I also have a new assignment that should start within the next 24 [...]